Why do Korean men wear makeup?

Why do Korean men wear makeup?
Why do Korean men wear makeup? 🪞 | 5-minute Korea

Do Korean men wear makeup, even those who don't show up in the media? Why do Korean men choose to wear makeup, and why do some decide not to? Check out the statistics and hear Seung-wan's personal experience in this video.

Seung-wan talks about these topics:

0:00 A commonly asked question on Google about Korea

0:18 Makeup in Media

0:38 I asked my male friends if they wear makeup

1:23 Statistics about Korean men's makeup

2:07 Reasons for their choice

2:41 My Personal Journey with Makeup

4:05 Summary

4:24 If you are a Korean learner...

Some have questioned whether Korean men wearing makeup is a widespread phenomenon or simply a media-driven perception. Here's the reality behind this cultural aspect and why some Korean men wear makeup while others don't.

An Honest Look at Korean Men's Makeup

When we looked into Korean men's makeup usage, we found that it's not as common as you might think.A survey of 750 Korean men in their 20s to 40s found that only 3.9% wear makeup every day, and 16.7% only on special occasions.It's worth noting that this survey didn't specify whether the makeup was done at home or at a salon.

There are two main reasons men wear makeup: self-care and hiding flaws.Makeup boosts their confidence and enhances their appearance for these people.

Most Korean men, however, don't wear makeup, with nearly 80% saying they don't do it.The opinions on this matter vary by age group.In their 20s, men cited lack of knowledge about makeup and disinterest in grooming as their main reasons.People in their 30s and 40s expressed concerns about societal perceptions and a perceived lack of masculinity.

The shifting perspective

Although Korean men still don't wear much makeup, attitudes are changing.It seems like younger generations are more open to the idea, reflecting changing beauty norms and gender stereotypes breaking down.

My personal experience

As a male content creator, I initially had reservations about makeup.Eventually, I tried it because my colleagues suggested it to counteract the harsh camera lighting.Learning how to apply makeup was surprisingly easy, and it's now part of my daily routine.

I think it's safe to say that Korean men and makeup are more real than they're portrayed in the media.While a small percentage embrace makeup for various reasons, the majorityremainuninterested or hesitant.Men's grooming habits are gradually changing as society evolves, fostering a more accepting environment for men to experiment with makeup.

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